Why Fiverr Is The Worst Place To Start A Freelance Career

I recommend many platforms for freelancers for finding work.

But, Fiverr is not one of them. Want to know why?

Fiverr is a platform that demeans freelancers by forcing them to put cheap price tags on their skills and services.

If you’re a freelancer who’s just starting out or planning to become one, avoid using Fiverr to offer your freelance services. Here’s why.

Quick Note: This article was originally published in 2016. But the points I discuss here are still relevant today. Last updated in February 2022.

Make It $5, $25, $50, Or $100, Or Else!

Fiverr’s cheap pricing model targets cheap employers (or clients) who browse the site looking for the cheapest freelancers to get their job done at the lowest possible cost. Most of them don’t even care about the quality, they just want the job done for cheap.

But, ask yourself: Would you rather be known as the guy who designs logos for $5 or the guy who designs logos for million-dollar startups?

Even if you managed to catch the attention of a good client, Fiverr limits your pricing to either $5, $25, $50, or $100. Sure you can also add extras or ask for multiple order placements to charge higher for your services, but each time a buyer places an order Fiverr takes 20% off of each order (plus PayPal processing fee). Is it really worth it?

This type of fixed pricing model makes Fiverr a cheap marketplace for freelancers to not only sell their skills at cheap but also to bid adieu to their freelancing career. Because chances are, if you’re lucky, you’ll probably end up selling 50 or 100 gigs per month earning you around $250 to $500.

Why limit yourself when you have the potential to make $5000 a month, or maybe even more?

Fiverr Puts Quantity Over Quality

Do you know how much it costs to design a logo by a professional designer? It’s about $250 at minimum for a basic design or £500 in the UK.

Makes you wonder why graphic designers on Fiverr offer to design logos for just $5. And you won’t believe how many logo designs some freelancers on Fiverr deliver in one day. Some deliver 50 to 100 gigs per day.

How the hell do they design that many logos in one day when other designers take weeks and sometimes months to design a single logo? There’s a secret behind that too. I’ll get to it in a moment.

But, even after working all day to deliver 50 gigs what do they get? Only $250. It’s what other designers make by designing one logo.

The difference is those professional designers can actually point out their work and say “I designed that logo”.

Sites like Fiverr are designed to put an emphasis on quantity: The more gigs you deliver, the more you get paid. They don’t care how you deliver it, as long as the money keeps coming in.

There’s Too Much Competition And Scam

It’s the highest-rated gigs on Fiverr that gets the most jobs. And there’s a neat trick that most service providers on the platform used to get more reviews and 5-star ratings for their new gigs: They buy reviews.

That’s right. They pay their friends to leave fake reviews for their gigs. After all, they can get their money back after placing those fake orders. It’s the secret that Fiverr service providers will never tell you.

And service providers, like logo designers and article writers, are mostly scammers as well.

Designers on Fiverr are obviously using templates and stock graphics for designing logos, which you can easily buy from a site like GraphicRiver or steal from Shutterstock for cheap. Writers on Fiverr have been caught more than once copy-pasting entire paragraphs from other articles on the web.

How else can you explain these individuals delivering 50 gigs per day?

Reading most of the posts on Fiverr forums and Warrior Forum is more than enough to get an idea of what’s really going on inside this platform.

Hello, Depression And Anxiety

A quick Google search will show you hundreds, maybe thousands, of Fiverr success stories about how some freelancers make 6-figure income by providing services through the platform.

For instance, there’s one story that describes a “kid” from Greece who makes a full-time income (around $2600 a month) using Fiverr. He gets over 200 orders that need to be delivered within just two days.

Can you imagine the amount of pressure all that work would put on you when you have to deliver over 200 logo designs in 2 days?

If it were me I would lose my mind. I ask for 2 days to deliver just one blog article. I’d probably die halfway if I have to deliver 200 articles in 2 days.

Don’t Take My Word For It

I can go on and on explaining to you why Fiverr is bad, but it’s better to share what others have experienced in this marketplace.




It’s not just the clients, but the freelancers on the platforms are also starting to realize the true side effects of Fiverr.



Go do a quick search on YouTube and you’ll see how many freelancers have had terrible experiences on the platform.

Every category on Fiverr is filled with scams and low-quality services and gigs. After all, we can’t really blame those service providers. It’s what you can expect to get when you go there looking to buy services for $5.

I’m not trying to diss Fiverr as a horrible platform or humiliate the freelancers who are already using the platform.

I’m simply trying to show you that there are better ways to offer your services as a freelancer where you don’t have to limit your pricing to a fixed model, or work 20 hours a day as a slave, or give in to scam strategies, or pay the price with your health.

You can work 20 hours a day delivering 50 jobs on Fiverr and call it freelancing. But, can you call it a career?

Work smarter not harder and always choose quality over quantity. Follow those two simple rules and you’ll be well on your way to building a profitable career as a freelancer that will last a lifetime.